UP-Site in Brussels

The project focuses on innovative and effective technics for sustainable development. In that spirit, the designers have especially chosen for rainwater collection, external walls isolation, cogeneration to provide electricity needs, use of the thermal capacity of channel water and placing of green roofs for thermal and acoustic isolation of the buildings.

  • 140 m high residential tower, ground floor + 42 floors = 42,000 m²
  • (255 apartments)
  • Villa flats: 4 buildings, ground floor +8 = 13,000 m² (106 apartments)
  • Shops (ground floors of the residential buildings) = 2.000 m²
  • Offices: 4 buildings, ground floors +7 = 29.500 m²
  • Basements : 3 levels = 36,000 m²
  • Total surface: 122,500 m²

These prestigious buildings will dispose of a range of "tailored" services such as concierge, swimming pool, Spa & Wellness center, private cinema, restaurants, playground for children, ...

Designed according to the highest sustainable standards, the apartments will generate an energy saving of 30 % compared to standard apartments. The orientation of the tower was also studied in order to avoid disturbance of the wind (noise, air currents) or sunlight (drop shadow).

The skeleton of the various buildings is made of concrete (reinforced, prestressed or high resistance). The facades are made ​​of natural stone with aluminum frames for the tower, plaster upon an isolation layer with aluminum frames for villa flats and offices.



Valens in consortium
Build Up
Ateliers Lion / A.2R.C
Project duration: 
31.03.2011 – 02.06.2014