Luxtram Kirchberg

Luxtram - Kirchberg
Luxembourg, on 18 September 2015, the foundation stone for the new Tramsschapp, which is under construction, has been laid on the territory of the City of Luxembourg and the Niederanven Commune.
The Tramway will occupy an area of ​​nearly 33,000 m2, the Storage and Maintenance Center, also known as CRM, will house and support the 32 tram tramets needed to operate the line between Cloche d'Or and Findel. It is made up of three buildings that respect the environment that welcomes them with an architectural and landscape quality integration. Two buildings are used for storing and maintaining the trainsets and the third one houses the centralized control station (PCC) of the tram network as well as the head office of Luxtram SA. On the site of the CRM will be installed 4 km of tramway tracks: 8 ways for the storage; 3 service routes (washing, sandblasting, pit tower); 4 tracks on pit for maintenance and maintenance and 1 test track. The surfaces between the tramways are covered with grass.
The next steps: The CRM will continue the work of deviation of networks and earthworks and the construction of buildings and access roads. In 2016 the work of the line of TRAM was carried out to receive the first train in 2017. The first trials and clear-cutting will follow before the commercial start-up of the first section of the line in the second half of 2017.
Building construction work
  • Stripping of topsoil: 15,000 m3
  • General excavation: 45,000 m3
  • Implementation of concrete: 7,700 m3
  • Formwork sails and slabs: 22.000 m2
  • Masonry all thickness: 4.000 m2
  • Reinforcement: 800 to
Civil engineering work
  • Earthworks for the deviation of the networks and construction of the EU / EP pipeline: 30.000 m3.
  • SEBES pipes (drinking water) Ø 700 steel: 800 m to deflect.
  • VILLUX pipes in drinking water DN 630 HDPE: 400 m.
  • Construction of double-walled PEHD pipe Ø 200 -160: 1825 m.


Luxtram SA
Werkgemeinschaft Karlsruhe
Project duration: 
04/2015 - 06/2016