Horta Chapel at the CHU Brugmann in Brussels

The new conference centre with its 1,488 m² of floorspace on 3 levels consists of 4 conference rooms, 2 lecture halls, 2 lobbies, a library and a service area.

Valens was awarded the contract for the structural work (inserting new windows, stabilisation of the foundations, and a new lift shaft); finishing work and technical installations.

Restoration work included:

  • Stratigraphic research (painting).
  • Cleaning and repointing the facades.
  • Repairing and restoring the stained-glass windows, the frame, the flooring, etc.
  • The disassembly and reassembly of the bluestone columns and stairs (with a new foundation and straightening of the centre column and with the steps being repaired).
  • The installation of a new gate at the entrance to the courtyard on the basis of the original plans of Horta (made using old methods) and a new bluestone base, again in accordance with the original plan).

Valens also installed new electrics and HVAC in the chapel's basements and attics (very little space).

VALENS in consortium
Association Hospitalière de Bruxelles et de Schaerbeek – service des travaux du CHU Brugmann
SM Samyn & Partners – B.E.A.I.
Project duration: 
16.08.2006 – 06.11.2007