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Located in Zele, Romarco offers its customers more than 30 years of experience in the following fields:

  1. Industrial cleaning, including
  • Chemical treatment of facilities and equipment, either on-site or in its workshops;
  • High-pressure cleaning;
  • Vacuum cleaning;
  • Tank cleaning;
  • Reconditioning of heat exchanger plates;
  • Cleaning of live electrical installations;
  • Transport of hazardous waste;
  • Emergency response;
  • Industrial cleaning in general.


  1. Asbestos removal.

Romarco is to be found working in all industrial sectors, both in Belgium and abroad.

Greatly aware of safety requirements, the company holds a “VCA Petrochemicals” certificate, as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.


Complementary specialization: ultrasonic cleaning

Peter Rooms
Chief Executive Officer
3 M€
11,6 M€


Nettoyage d'un réservoir de stockage à Gand
Photo description nl: 
Reininging van een ondergrondse opslagtank in Gent
Photo description en: 
Cleaning of a storage tank in Ghent
Camion permettant de déverser de l'eau sous haute pression et d'aspirer des liquides toxiques
Photo description nl: 
Wagen waarmee water onder hoge druk kan gespoten worden en die tegelijkertijd de giftige vloeistoffen kan opzuigen
Photo description en: 
Truck for squirting water at high pressure and sucking up toxic liquid
Traitement chimique d'un échangeur de chaleur
Photo description nl: 
Chemische behandeling van een warmtewisselaar
Photo description en: 
Chemical treatment of a heat exchanger in the Romarco workshops at Zele
Enlèvement d'amiante à Aalst
Photo description nl: 
Asbest-verwijdering in Aalst
Photo description en: 
Asbestos removal in Aalst
Camion-citerne certifié ARD
Photo description nl: 
ARD-gekeurde tankwagen
Photo description en: 
ADR-certified mutli-compartment tanker
Enlèvement d'amiante à Vilvoorde
Photo description nl: 
Asbest-verwijdering in Vilvoorde
Photo description en: 
Asbestos removal at Vilvoorde
Enlèvement d'amiante à Schaerbeek
Photo description nl: 
Asbest-verwijdering in Schaerbeek
Photo description en: 
Asbestos removal on various premises in Schaerbeek
Nettoyage industriel d'un réservoir de stockage
Photo description nl: 
Industriële reiniging van een opslagtank
Photo description en: 
Industrial cleaning of a storage tank


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